photos property of Flemins LTDDid you know? That we sell over a 1/4 of a Tonne of Mussels EVERY week.

When in season our Mussels are from Brancaster in origin.

When the Seawater beings to warm in April - May after the winter chill, Mussels begin to 'spawn', which can be seen as a milky fluid on the surface of the sea.

As the eggs begin to develop, these are known as 'Spat'. As they become heavier, they begin to drop from the surface to the seabed.

When they have grown to about 1-11/4" they are lifted from the open sea bed and brought to the sheltered harbour of Brancaster. Here they are put into 'lays' to be grown on which can be 1-2 years before they reach size. During this time they are checked regularly to make sure they are not too tightly packed or clogged with mud and sand.

photos property of Flemins LTDThey are then lifted from the Lays into small boats and brough to the fishermans quay where the processing begins. The Mussels are forked into a riddling machine which grades them for size and washes them at the same time, the smaller ones which fall through are returned to the lays to grow on.

The Mussels are then put into trays in a large stainless steel tank which is filled with seawater circulating through a filter system and infra red light to purify for 42 hours. They are then ready for sale.

The selling season for local Mussels is September through to March, but the length of the season depends on the sea temperature. At the end of the season, the cycle starts again.

Out of season Mussels are sourced from Scotland using both rope grown and wild Mussels to ensure an all year round supply.

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